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What's Puzzle Day?

Puzzle with Us to Support The Children’s Home High School for Students with Autism! 

Puzzle Day is a fun day of jigsaw puzzling, raffles, lunch, and more! The 2017 Puzzle Day is our third annual event. Each year we have expanded the event and raised more money to benefit the Children's Home High School for Students with Autism and Related Disorders.

Puzzle Day is the only fundraiser completely dedicated to the High School, so you can rest assured your contribution supports the needs of its students with autism and related disorders.

The High School provides specialized support for students with autism and related disorders. Students learn the academic content required for a high school diploma recognized by the Ohio Department of Education. At the same time, the High School offers content related to social skills, self-awareness and advocacy, adaptive daily living skills, college and job readiness skills, and other transition-related skills. Additional programs and therapies are also integrated, including speech and occupational therapies through Kid Power, music intervention via Melodic Connections, and art classes with Visionaries + Voices. By combining academic and life skills education, the Children’s Home High School for Students with Autism prepares its students to confidently transition into adulthood.

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